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DinnerClub is a side project gone wild,
created by the Hamburg Committee, to
solve our inability to decide where in the
name of moses we should go out

We each have a little list, a notepad entry,
a black book, a whatsapp group, or a
couple of friends that know what’s hot
and what’s not. The club is here to help
decide where to go out for a nice meal
when those options fail.

And when we ask ourselves where we
want to go out tonight, it’s usually more
about the finer details like “will i find
parking?” or “is it noisy or quiet?”.
DinnerClub asks practical questions and
calls from a list of handpicked quality
restaurants in Tel-Aviv. No, you won’t find
McDonalds here (though if you find that’s
relevant, let us know!).

suggestions, complaints, PR or just
dating requests for Tal: